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If you’re ready to go bird-sighting, practice water sports, or simply take a break in a dreamy country full of rainforest, mountains, islands and paradise beaches; and go back home with a nice tan, go now to Panama.

Here at Casa Cuba Hostal S.A, we’ll let you know everything you should know about Panama.

Panama is a republic in Central America bordered by Colombia to the East, Costa Rica to the West, the Caribbean Sea to the North and the Pacific Ocean to the South. With an area of 78,200 km2, it possesses coasts, rain forests, mountain ranges and volcanoes. It’s known for the most famous Canal in the World, the Panama Canal, which crosses the isthmus and joins the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Colon Free Trade Zone is also located in this country.

Panama has a tropical weather, but it has two well-defined seasons. The dry season begins in December and ends in April. During the Dry Season, the temperature ranges from 85 to 95 degrees F°. The rainy or wet season begins in April and ends in December. In this season, the average temperature is around 77-86 F°. However, in high altitudes, the temperature lowers pleasantly. Furthermore, the country is not affected by the Hurricane Season.

Panama is a country with attractions for all tastes. How about a nice stroll through a white sand beach full of coconut trees, or a rainforest, or mangroves or even hiking? Would you like to take pictures of exotic birds? All of these activities and more are possible in Panama.

In Panama, folklore presentations are colorful and represent Panamanian culture through dances, music, costumes, and delicious regional food. 85% of the population is catholic, 5% is protestant of various denominations and there is a 5% of Muslims. The rest 10% is divided among Jewish, Hindi and Baha’i.

The official language is Spanish, although, due to the long relationship with the United States, a large amount of the population know speaks fluid English, especially in the city. To visit Panama you only need an up to date passport.

The best thing about Panama is that everything, from the highest quality clothing to the latest technology equipment is really inexpensive, since it’s tax-free. We advise you to save so you can buy absolutely everything you need. You can use US Dollars or Visa, American Express, Master Card and Diner’s Club Credit Cards, all of which are accepted at most restaurants and stores.